Objective Realities is an immersive VR experience developed in collaboration with Bruce Sterling. In OR you will be able to see and act in a virtual smart home with the capabilities and limitations of a specific object and listen to the invisible chatter that happens between networked things and the home.

Objective Realities is a collaboration between automato.farm and the Science-Fiction writer Bruce Sterling and is not touring around the world in festivals and museums like FILE Festival and Vienna Biennale.

OR is designed to be a multi-player/object experience where people can switch to an object-centric life and interact with each other in their object version of self in the same virtual home. After ‘wearing’ one of the objects, you will be sweeping the floors like a cleaning robot, blowing things around the house like a fan or moving from plug to plug across the electrical wires. Cleaning robots might get angry at Fans making a mess, Plugs can decide to switch on and off other objects to save energy and you can decide to follow or not the tips from the overlooking Smart Home voice.

By taking the perspectives of the different objects people will experience and listen to three stories, three points of views of this fictional future home. 

How will we change the way we think about objects, once we can become one ourselves?




Virtual Reality Installation, automato.farm, 2018
Collaboration: Matthieu Cherubini, Lorenzo Romagnoli, Saurabh Datta, Bruce Sterling (script), Jasmina Tesanovic (voice), Regine Debatty (voice), Noi Geninetti (Helmets production)
Built with Unity and Google Cardboard VR.

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