We think about smart/learning objects as yet not finished entities that can evolve their behaviors by observing, reading and interpreting our habits. They train their algorithms based on deep learning or similar ways to constantly adapt and refine their decisions.
But What if things are not that good at learning after all without some help?
What if in a near future, i could just get a person to train my products better as i do with pets?
Why having to deal with the initial problems and risk that it might even learn wrongly?
So, What if there would be an algorithm trainer?


Anyone wants to commercialise this?

Commissioned by ThingTank

Location: Shanghai 2015

Built with Cardboard and a lot of randomness

Thanks to Elisa Giaccardi, Azyre Yang, Carmelo Ferreri, Andrea Carlon and Daniel Prost

Training dirt

Some more props of the video