Airpop is a pioneering product company in air wearables and healthcare. Together with their core team I worked on their Digital Strategy and the definition of the Digital experience for their connected and sensing masks.

Airpop is a fascinating innovation and health-driven startup in the Xiaomi ecosystem of connected devices. Their mission and intention to create a completely new type of devices (air- wearable) and the will of doing something actually different really drew me to work with them. It's worth checking all the work they have done to innovate on shaping their masks and their filter and sensing technology.

The core part of my work was to work on the Product Strategy and more in details the Interaction Model for the digital touchpoints for their new sensing mask. A big part of the work was to figure collaborate with their technology team to create meaningful information out of the data that the sensor on the mask was providing.

The result of the collaboration was their new AirPop App released in the market with the new Active mask in early 2018. The app interaction model is inspired by the layers of the product itself.

The context layer allows to zoom out and track your breathing through the city while on a scooter on bike or foot and understanding how much you got protected or not. The Shell layer is customized based on the product you purchased and allows the main connection to the mask and settings. The Filter layer tracks in realtime the status or your internal filer. The Breathing layer shows your real-time breathing rhythm and allows you to dive deeper into your Air-Health understanding.


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Context Layer.


Shell Layer.


Filter Layer.


Breathing Layer.

Product Strategy and Interaction design, Design Lead, 2017
Team: Chris Hosmer, Alex Xu.
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